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Seminars and Workshops

We organise regular Seminars, Conferences and Workshops to help you meet and mingle with your fellow teachers to exchange your new experiences and develop your expertise.

Personal Consultant

As soon as you register with TeachersBureau.Com, an experienced consultant will be assigned to you and will remain your point of contact for the entirety of your experience.

Guaranteed Job

Our Guaranteed Job Scheme offers peace of mind that we’ll find you a long term teaching position that is right for you.


We understand that not every teacher is suitable for every school, and to satisfy your specific abilities, we provide our teachers with a completely personalised service.

Family Ethos

TeachersBureau.Com was founded on community and family values and they continue to be at the heart of the company.

Incredible Community

During the past 10 years, we’ve built an incredible community of teachers who continue to go from strength to strength.

Online Teacher Training Classes

Our unique online teacher training classes are extremely helpful for you if you are a working teacher, housewife, busy candidate, aspiring student or a student of correspondence/distance learning course(s). Here you’ll get unlimited benefits of our audio-video lectures by international expert teachers and professors in English, Hindi and Urdu languages just sitting at your home and at the suitable time. You can save your precious energy, money and time as well. The best thing about our online learning is that you can learn in a relaxed manner even if you don’t want to get certified.

Avoid lengthy, conventional and monotonous text books. Get our world class and effective audio-video lectures and lecture notes for better understanding and clear concept development. You only need passion for learning and a quick online search that will take you to the right course. From that point on, you will be the master of your own education with us.


Why Teach at a Private/Independent School

At an independent school, quality isn’t just test scores and college acceptances; it’s also the unique way teachers maximize the potential of their students.

Independent schools have small class sizes, allowing teachers to create a more intimate learning environment. Teachers have the flexibility and autonomy to forge their own paths to excellence. Engaged faculties help support and foster first-time teachers as they become part of the school community. And parental involvement effectively creates a classroom beyond the school walls.


Our Process

Once you've been accepted as a TeachersBureau.Com candidate, a placement counselor will be assigned to help you through the entire job search process. Together, you'll assemble a compelling credentials file, prepare for interviews, and discern your best job opportunities.

You'll discuss your talents and interests, your career goals and relocation preferences. Next, your counselor will contact your references. Our full understanding of your search helps us identify opportunities most appropriate for you from the thousands of private school teacher jobs listed with us each year.


General Requirements for Candidates

A bachelor's degree is required and a strong academic record is important. What matters most is a prospective teacher’s gift for managing and motivating kids. Schools will often consider a candidate’s previous success as a camp counselor, coach, tutor, or residential advisor.

For elementary school teaching positions, certification is usually required. For teachers in middle and upper school, however, schools focus on subject area knowledge and skills in communicating and connecting with students.


Our Premier Placement Service and Integrity

TeachersBureau.Com is the premier placement service for private school teacher jobs in the State. Since 2017, teachers, coaches, and administrators have found more jobs through TeachersBureau.Com than from any other source.

Schools pay for our services because they trust TeachersBureau.Com to serve them with integrity and care as they seek the very best educators for their students.


Our Ethical Responsibility

Being a teacher is very honorable and outstanding position. It is a position that may have a great impact on a person’s future. Teachers are the first brick in the structure of social development. They are the cause of guiding and developing behaviors and shaping the minds of individuals and communities. They are among the most beneficial people in the society and thus among the best of people.

“The best of people are those who are most beneficial to people.” Here TeachersBureau.Com offers a magnificent opportunity to you teachers the real society makers.